Wichita Pneumatic Clutches, Brakes and Tension Controls

Wichita design and manufacture pneumatic and hydraulic clutches and brakes, tension control systems and ancillary equipment for industrial, mining and marine applications. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf product you need or a bespoke design, from paper manufacture to mining to metal-forming Wichita are proud to be acknowledged as the power transmission systems specialist by which all others are judged.

Spring Set Brakes

Wichita Spring-Set Air Release Motor Brakes are ideal for failsafe protection of process equipment. Available in foot mounted and C-face options, this improved design has thicker friction discs for longer wear life. The fast acting Spring-Set actuation assures quick, smooth stops.

Design Features

  • Failsafe Protection.
  • Long wear life.
  • Quick, smooth stopping.

Drum Clutches & Brakes

The DC and DCV constricting drum clutches and brakes are found all throughout industry in general power transmission duties.

Constructed using an integral rim and tube actuator, the DC has low inertia and high misalignment capacity, offering a simple solution to less arduous clutch and brake requirements.

A full range of options is available: Dual flanges for back to back mounting giving double torque capacity. Multiple air inlets for increased response speed. Split construction to avoid removal of the shafts on in-line drives. And wether you require just the friction shoe or mounting pins, or a complete actuator and rim assembly, all are backed by the Wichita name for service and reliability.


Wichita's Mistral pneumatic tension brake is attuned to the needs of the corrugating market for which it was originally designed. It is also a versatile product which is finding favor in additional tensioning applications.
Wichita designers and engineers consulted extensively with mill roll stand manufactures and users to offer a tension brake ideally suited to needs of this particular market. The result is a compact, high performance, versatile brake capable of handling the tensioning needs of the latest machine designs, as well as existing equipment.
The Mistral paves the way for increasing line speeds by 5.4 feet/sec. from 810 feet/min. (or slower) to 1,140 feet/min


The name for Wichita's ModEvo tension control brake is derived from 'modular' and 'evolutionary', terms that describe it perfectly. Modular - because braking systems to suit diverse tensioning applications can be assembled from a minimal number of modules common to the entire ModEvo range. Evolutionary - because continuous development of new materials, improved design and manufacturing techniques have enabled Wichita to develop ModEvo to match all customers' tension needs at affordable cost.

The advantages of the new ModEvo brake lie in the versatility of the modular system, ensuring that the requirements of a wide range of printing and converting unwind tension applications can be met from just a handful of parts common to the ModEvo range. This in turn brings cost benefits, as users can choose just the options they require and add to or upgrade these as their needs change, while carrying a minimum of spare parts.

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