Panasonic Geared Motors

The Panasonic Range of compact AC Geared Motors are available in powers from 6W to 90W and Single or Three Phase. The range comprises Fixed Speed, Variable Speed, Quick Reversible and Braked Units.The 3-series geared motors are successors to the earlier G-series with improved efficiency and longer life.  Gearboxes are sealed for life and maintenance free.All models have global approvals CE, UL, cUL and CCC.  They are RoHs compliant.For variable speed operation we  recommend using the three phase models with a Lenze frequency inverter – the type smd for panel mounting or the IP65 SMV for mounting without a panel.

Panasonic AC Geared Motors

Fixed Speed Units - 230 V 1~

Designed for fixed speed operation with a 230V single phase supply. These geared motors are compact, quiet and have global approvals. 23 available gear ratios from stock give output speeds 0.7 to 425r/min. Maximum torque is 29.6Nm.

Fixed Speed & Variable Speed 3~ Units

These geared motors are available at 400V for fixed speeds applications or 230V for use with inverter variable speeds drives. Gearboxes can be square or flanged. Rated speeds are 0.7 to 447 r/min and output torques are up to 29.6Nm

Quick Reversible Units

Panasonic 3-series quick reversible geared motors incorporate a built-in constant friction braking system to reduce overrun and give fast stopping. They are available for 1 phase 230V supply in a power range 6 to 90W, and they are ideal for stop/start applications.

Braked Units

These geared brake motors have an integral spring applied brake suiting up to 6 operations per minute. Both single and three phase versions are available for torques up to 29.6Nm, rated speeds 0.7 to 434 r/min

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