Panasonic Servo Motors and Drives

Panasonic servo systems

Panasonic, one of the largest motor manufacturers in the world, have developed new ranges of servo products in the power range 50W-750W.

  • A-series servo dynamic general purpose motors, geared motors and drives.
  • S-series servo low cost servo systems, also suitable to replace top end stepper systems.

Panasonic Servo Drives

A-Series Drive

A high performance range of compact motors and drives covering
50-750W, suiting general purpose applications. The A-series servos are interchangeable with previous Panasonic servos. Principal differences are increased control flexibility with speed, torque and pulse following modes. Other features include separate control circuitry allowing the drive to be interrogated on removal of mains power, a zero speed input, encoder emulation output and in-built trip functions.
A series motors are available from stock with Vogel type MPR planetary gearheads to make compact geared motors. Output rated speeds are 1000-150 r/min and torques range up to 45Nm rated, 80Nm peak.

S-Series Drive

Designed for lower cost, S-series drives can replace steppers with both step and direction control. Motors are low inertia and highly dynamic.
Compared to A-series, the S-series motors have a metal case and low cost plastic connectors (metal IP65 connectors are optional). The S-series drives are controlled by using pulse following mode or 4 internal jog speeds. S-series will emulate a stepper motor but offer the greater dynamic response of a servo.
S-series motors are available from stock combined with Vogel low cost MPV planetary gearheads. Output torques and speeds are similar to A-series geared motors.

B-Series Brushless Geared Motors

The new B-series range of brushless geared motors features an integral drive inside the motor casing and IP65 protection. Panasonic Hyper technology achieves accurate torque control over a wide speed range including torque at zero speed. An external keypad allows manual setting and communications with machine control systems.
Two models exist: the standard B1 which suits speed control, and the B3 with integrated position control.

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