Baldor Servo Motors and Drives

Baldor has shipped thousands and thousands of AC and DC servo motors, drives, and controls to many diverse applications throughout the world. It all began in 1952 when Baldor shipped its first reliable adjustable speed control, and in 1983 Baldor began shipping easy to use servo controls and that tradition continues today.

Baldor’s philosophy is to make control set up very fast, and easy, and quick to implement. This is accomplished by either a simple keypad, or through set-up wizards and your PC.

Baldor products help increase productivity, improve quality, work hard  and provide solutions for your application needs.

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MicroFlex ,MicroFlex e100 & MotiFlex e100

Baldor's MicroFlex is a compact brushless servo control capable of powering either rotary or linear motors. Input command may be the industry standard +/- 10 Vdc (velocity or torque), or pulse and direction (solutions for stepper upgrade packages). Feedback is software programmable, accepting encoder, SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) or Halls sensors. Available in single phase from 110-230VAC, or 3 phase 230VAC operation in current ratings of 3, 6 and 9 amps. Intuitive front end Windows software provides full auto-tuning capabilities.

MicroFlex e100
MicroFlex e100 integrates the advanced capabilities of real-time ETHERNET Powerlink to provide superior performance, network integration and costs savings. MicroFlex e100 is compatible with the NextMove e100 motion controller to provide a fully integrated solution using real-time Ethernet. MicroFlex e100 is a compact servo drive, available in single phase from 110-230VAC or 3 phase 230VAC operation in current ratings of 3, 6 and 9A. It provides high performance servo control for both rotary and linear brushless motors with its powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) core.

MotiFlex e100
MotiFlex e100 is the latest generation of 3 phase drive from Baldor. System architecture is simplified by a single, highly flexible drive and motion control platform. For example, control of linear, rotary, servo and vectors is simply a software configuration.

FlexDrive II & Flex+Drive II

Flex Drive II
Baldor's FlexDrive II is a fully featured 1 axis brushless servo which provides high performance control of rotary and linear brushless servo motors. FlexDrive II accepts industry standard +/- 10 Vdc, or pulse and direction, or electronic hand wheel command inputs. Baldor's fully featured controls include a variety of options, such as bus options (CAN, DeviceNet, and Profibus-DP), feedback (resolver, incremental and absolute multi-turn encoders), I/O (programmable interface to external PLC) and logic supply options (internal or externally supplied +24 V). Full auto-tuning makes set up and tuning simple . Models available with 115/230/400/460 Vac and currents up to 15/15/27/27 amps.

Flex+ Drive II
Repeatable moves become a breeze to accomplish with this easy-to-set-up package. Baldor's Flex+DriveII is similar to the FlexDrive series, however incorporating intelligence for indexing applications. For simple point-to-point indexing moves, a pre-set table is configured. The 16 pre-set moves can be expanded to 256. Complex indexing is handled with single-tasking version of Baldor's MintMT programming language. Windows front end for easy to use set-up and full auto-tuning . The Flex+Drive II provides servo control for rotary and linear brushless servo motors.

MintDrive II & EuroFlex

MintDrive II
Baldor's award winning MintDrive II integrates a powerful motion controller and servo drive into an intelligent compact package. The MintDrive II provides motion control for single-axis applications for rotary or linear brushless servo motors. Programmable in Baldor's easy to use multi-tasking language MintMT, which coordinates motion, HMI and PLC tasks. Supports positional moves, CAMS, flying shears, software gearboxes, and more. Engineered for much higher speed. Windows front end provides full auto-tuning to make velocity and position loop set-up simple.

EuroFlex is a compact EuroCard format servo drive, available in single phase from 24-80VDC or 18-56VAC, 5A continuous, 15A peak. EuroFlex provides high performance servo control for both rotary and linear brushless motors with its powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) core. The motor feedback is software programmable, accepting commutating encoder or Halls only.

DC Brushless Drives - TSD, UM & LD Series

DC Brushless Adjustable Speed
Baldor's BMC-series of controls now provides designers the advantages and benefits of brushless technology for adjustable speed applications these include quieter operation, less maintenance, tight speed regulation and a more efficient design. Adjustable speed applications such as door openers, mixers, conveyors, pumps, and many others can now make efficient use of brushless technology.

TSD Series
Baldor's TSD is a totally enclosed PWM drive for control of one or two DC servo motors. Panel mount enclosure, completely stand-alone unit plugs into 115 or 220 Vac. Accepts industry standard +/- 10 Vdc input command for operation in either velocity or current mode. Provides up to 5 amps continuous, 10 amps peak per axis. Fully protected unit. Easily interfaces to existing motion controllers.

UM Series
The UM control is an open chassis configuration designed to operate a wide range of Baldor's DC servo motors. The UM series typically contains from one to six servo control cards mounted onto a multi-axes chassis containing a power supply. Accepts industry standard +/- 10 Vdc input command for operation in either velocity or current mode. Models provide up to 6/15 amps continuous, with 15/30 amps peak. Easily interfaces to motion controllers. Protection for over/under voltage, over temperature, short circuit, etc.

LD Series
The LD series servo control is an open chassis configuration similar to the UM, however operates direct from 115 Vac. The LD contains one or two servo control cards mounted onto a chassis, provide 15 amps continuous, 30 amps peak per axis. Protection for over/under voltage, over temperature, short circuit, etc.

Baldor Servo Motor Range

Servo Motors
BSM N-Series
The BSM N-series provide applications with low inertia to attain the highest acceleration capability  to position faster  to obtain the highest machine throughput. Baldor's motors are hard at work, increasing productivity, improving part quality, providing precision and reducing cost in many applications. This series provides continuous stall torques ranging from 4 Lb-In (0.4 N-m) to 354 Lb-In (40 N-m). Peak torques are typically 4 times continuous. This series has the lowest inertia to provide the maximum torque per package size.

BSM C-Series
The BSM C-series has as standard, a "higher" inertia thus providing an excellent match for equipment requiring "higher" inertial matching for the machine. This series provides continuous stall capability ranging from 10 Lb-In (1.2 N-m) to 256 Lb-In (30 N-m). Peak torques are typically three time continuous. Baldor's BSM C-series provides 50% more torque in a smaller size (2 inches/50 mm) shorter) compared to previous Baldor motors. The C-Series provides an economical package best used in applications with higher load inertias.

BSM R-Series
The BSM R-series from Baldor allow designers to make use of the benefits of brushless technology in smaller compact packages  less maintenance, quieter operation, faster acceleration. This series provides continuous stall torques ranging from 1.4 lb-in (0.16 N-m) to 11.2 lb-in (1.2 N-m). Peak torques are three times continuous stall.

Stainless Steel Brushless Servo Motors
Baldor's totally stainless steel SSBSM series of servo motors are designed for food, liquid, pharmaceutical, washdown, and high hygiene applications. They may be applied in harsh, corrosive environments. These motors are designed to handle IP67 and withstand 1500 psi washdown conditions. These stainless steel servo motors are offered in standard and low inertia designs for best machine inertial matching. Included in this quality design are lazer etched nameplate, FDA shaft seal, environmental protected stator with premium moisture resistant wire, and internal thermal over temperature protection. Baldor's SSBSM products are designed to be durable.

DC Brushless Motors
Baldor's BSM25 and BSM33 brushless DC motors with Hall sensors provide machine designers the benefits of brushless technology � quieter operation, smaller size, maintenance-free, longer life, and faster time to speed. They represent the best long-term investment.

DC Servo Motors
Baldor's DC Servo motors were designed rugged to meet demanding requirements of industrial motion control. Available in diameters from 2.2 to 4 inches (55.8 to 101.6 mm) to provide continuous stall torques up to 56 Lb-In (6.3 N-m). They are designed to handle a continuous high temperature of 155�C for reliability and dependability. A wide variety of options are available for customization to meet your application needs - tachometers, encoders, brakes, mountings, shafts, windings, speeds, connectors, environmental. Standards available from stock.

Baldor's DSM series is an integrated high torque stepper motor and microstepping driver. The DSM is available in three frame sizes NEMA 17, 23, and 34, providing open loop operation with torques up to 1061 oz-in (749N-cm). The 1.8� stepper motor is combined with a microstepping drive, with up to 14 resolution setting from 400 steps to 51,200 steps per revolution. A simple Windows� front end is used to set up resolution and other parameters.

Motion Control

Baldor provides a wide range of Motion Control solutions for the automation industry by offering a choice of easy to use programmable Motion Controllers (positioners) with multi-tasking capability and Drives (amplifiers) to suit many applications - the NextMove family is available in PCI format or standalone; the FlexDrive family covers a wide power range; and Ethernet Powerlink (e100 series) provides designers with real-time solutions. Motion control systems can be up and running quickly thanks to Baldor's Mint programming language. Mint is a versatile, yet easy to use, Basic like programming language. Machine level networking and optional operator panel control can all be controlled under a single Mint application program.

Controllers include;

NextMove e100

The NextMove e100 builds on the proven NextMove controller family of products and now integrates management of real-time Ethernet networks using the industry standard protocol ETHERNET Powerlink. Drives, I/O devices, sensors, absolute encoders can be added to the Powerlink network and controlled from the Mint programming language. This greatly simplifies system design and installation, and simultaneously expands the capabilities of the NextMove e100 as a machine control platform.

NextMove ESB-2

NextMove ESB-2 a compact panel mount motion controller for the control of up to 8 axes - 4 servo, 4 open loop stepper. Using the latest generation 32-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), NextMove ESB-2, coupled with MintMT, offers a high speed and flexible motion controller.

NextMove PCI-2

NextMove PCI-2 is the latest generation PCI based motion controller from Baldor. Based around the popular NextMove PCI controller, NextMove PCI-2 offers a pin compatible motion controller with over twice the performance. NextMove PCI-2 is a compact (7") PCI based controller for the control of up to 12 axes of motion. A single card can control up to 4 axes of servo and 4 axes of stepper. Expansion cards are available to take this to 12 axes of servo and 12 axes of stepper.

NextMove ES

NextMove ES is a cost effective rack mounted motion controller for the control of up to 6 axes (2 servo and 4 stepper). Available with a USB interface, this provides a high speed interface to the PC. The onboard CAN port can be used to interface to I/O and HMI devices, as well as peer-to-peer networking capabilities with other Mint controllers. NextMove ES is programmable in multi-tasking MintMT, embedded 'C' or through the supplied ActiveX components.

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