KEB Servo Motors and Drives

Closed-loop drive systems are increasingly utilized in high-tech applications and machinery.  Dependent on application requirements robust, low-maintenance, brushless synchronous or asynchronous motors are used.

KEB has two solutions available for this:

KEB Combivert F5-A Servo

The compact servo drive in applications with master positioning control integrated speed and torque control.
The dynamic drive for start-stop applications and for analog, digital and serial control.
Drive for speed or angular master/slave application with electronic gearing and adjustable ratios.
Internal one-axis positioning control with 16 positions, and up to 8 positioning profiles with indexing.
Basic automation device with internal PID process control, extensive I/O functionality, individually used in 8 parameter sets.
Scaling of physical units and programmable user interface with 36 adresses.

KEB Combivert F5 Multi

Servo Drive KEB COMBIVERT F5 Multi
Closed-loop drive for synchronous and asynchronous motors up to 900 kW with pluggable feedback systems

  • Resolver
  • Incremental Encoder
  • Sin / Co-sine Encoder
  • Absolute Encoder
  • Hiperface
  • EnDat

Decentralized automation in the drive with internal functionality:

  • Speed and torque regulation
  • Positioning control
  • Synchronizing
  • Electronic gearing

Customer-specific solutions take the load off master controls and create simple, compact programs

  • Single axis positioning
  • Index table positioning
  • Register functions

All drives support the following serial interfaces,

  • Profibus
  • CAN
  • Sercos
  • InterBus
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus
  • Ethernet
  • Ethercat
  • Powerlink
  • Profinet
  • KEB-HSP5 / DIN 66019-II.
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