Soft Start Devices from PETER Electronic

VersiStart II soft starters (3.5-16A)minimum investment-MAXIMUM protection !

The successful VersiStart II soft starter (3.5-16A), available in four rating categories, is designed for all users who want to ensure maximum (investment) protection of their electric motors with low additional costs.The very compact, two-phase-controlled soft starter for the lower rating range (1.5-7.5 kW) combines optimum starting and stopping characteristics with superior monitoring functions. By offering functional upgrade options, unique in this device class, VersiStart II provides ideal conditions even for demanding applications. Thus, the soft starter enables both smooth control and simplified monitoring of drives for a variety of applications.

No matter whether for door and gate drives, pumps, ventilators or fans, for packaging machines or conveying and transportation systems, the VersiStart II is extremely versatile and masters difficult starting situations just as well as it provides controlled deceleration of electric motors. Thus, smooth and low-wear operation of individual or groups of equipment is ensured.With the addition of options the VersiStart II(3.5-16A) can be expanded to include further functions in order to even better meet the requirements of individual electric motors or groups of equipment, for more control and smoother acceleration and deceleration!You can contact our sales team now on 353 1 8461677 or email

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