Vogel Gearboxes

With 60 years experience in manufacturing industrial gearboxes, Vogel Antriebstechnik are an established specialist for gears with precision and long life. Based in the south of Germany, Vogel employ 230 people and product gearboxes with outputs from 10 to 25000Nm. They are a partner to Lenze with products that complement the Lenze range.

Planetary range

Small planetary range

Three ranges of small planetary gearboxes are available with input flanges to suit direct connection to servo motors. Whole number ratios are from 3 to 100, nominal output torques from 20 to 1000Nm with peak emergency stop torques up to 4750Nm.

MPR/MPG gearboxes are oil filled and sealed for a design life of 20,000 hours.

  • Type MPV - Standard precision gearboxes with low backlash of 10 or 15 arc mins.
  • Type MPR - High precision planetary gearboxes with low backlash of 6 to 8', lower on request.
  • Type MPG - High precision planetary gearboxes with flanged output and shaft axial length. Backlash as for MPR.

Large planetary range

Eight ranges of large planetary gearboxes with foot, flange, inline or right angle options available with torques to 26,000Nm.  Mathatically exact gear ratios start at 3.4 for single stage through to 245 with 3 stages.

These planetary gearboxes can be supplied assembled with Lenze servo motors, see servo geared motors

Spiral bevel gearboxes

Robust spiral bevel gearboxes optimised for high torque, silent running with backlash and long life, are available with male or hollow output shafts.
Precision Klingelnberg palloid spiral gearing means:

  • Hgh efficiency typically 90-98%
  • Quiet running
  • Long life, design lifetime 20000 hours
  • Low backlash of 15', reduced backlash possible on request
  • Gearboxes are monobloc cube formed for compact dimensions
  • ¬†universal mounting possible

Main models

  • Type K Single output shaft
  • Type L Double output shaft
  • Type H Hollow output shaft
  • Type LV Strengthened through output shaft

Also available; speed increasing and reversing gearboxes, ATEX approved.

All types can be supplied with flanges for motor input.

Servo spiral bevel gearboxes

Compact right angle gearheads for servo motors, these gearboxes are manufactured with precision gears for low backlash, high speed running and long life.

  • Whole number gear ratios are from 3 to 10
  • Output torques are from 40 to 150Nm and peak emergency stop torques 72 to 290Nm
  • Gearboxes are oil filled and filled for a design life of 20000 hours
  • Type SK - Gearboxes with male output shaft and flange
  • Type SKH - Gearboxes hollow output shaft and shrink disc connection
  • These gearboxes can be supplied assembled with Lenze synchronous and asynchronous motors

Helical bevel gearboxes

These compact and efficient gearboxes utilise palloid spiral gearing in the first stage. The resulting low backlash suits demanding applications and with servo motors.

  • Ratios available are 6 to 48 and output torques 100 - 13000Nm
  • High power density
  • High efficiency 90-98%
  • Low backlash
  • Low noise
  • Typically below 75dB (A)
  • Optional outputs: hollow shaft with shrink disc, male single or double shafts, flanges
  • These gearboxes can be supplied assembled with ac, dc and servo motors.

Phase shifter gearboxes

Vogel phase shifter gearboxes combine worm and planetary gears to achieve adjustment of the angular phase between input and output shafts. This can be done statically or dynamically, continuously or intermittently. Examples of use are print registration, speed superimposition and pony/emergency drives.

  • In-line and right angle models available
  • Ratios: 1 to 3
  • Output torques 25 to 1500 r/min
  • Speed trim up to +/- 24 r/min

Main models

  • Type UE - In-line gearbox, foot mounted, ratios 1 or 3
  • Type UEF - In-line gearbox, flange mounted, ratios 1 or 3
  • Type LUE - Right angle gearbox, ratios 1, 2 or 3
  • Type LUEF- Right angle bevel gearbox, flange mounted, ratios 1, 2 or 3
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