Thalheim Tachogenerators, Encoders and Resolvers

Baumer Thalheim Tachogenerators are widely used throughout the automation industry and are well proven, accurate and reliable. These Units are avaialable in either AC or DC with various mounting arrangements and options to suit each application.

Type TD 3

Where improved speedholding (1%) is required from motors running at 50 r/min and above, an a.c. rectified tachogenerator can be easily retrofitted to all the Stockline d.c. motors. The tachogenerator could also be fitted directly to machinery shafts or the back of a.c. motors to provide a speed reference for d.c. controllers or inverters.


  • High linearity with accurate speed
  • Good mechanical protection versatility in
  • 8 pole Alnico magnet rotor for low ripple output
  • A4 stator mounting format simple to fit
  • Largely unaffected by moisture and dirt

Type KTD 3

By utilising a d.c. design, the effective speed range is extended. This makes the unit suitable for low speed applications and 4 quadrant drives. The unit has IP54 protection which enables its use in more demanding applications. The two tachogenerators described below are physically similar but have different voltage outputs.


  • Skewed armature smooth low speed output
  • High number of commutator segments low ripple
  • Slim yet robust design extends versatility
  • Four-pole design smooth voltage output at all times
  • Silver graphite brushes low wear and long life
  • Silver track, long life model available


Long-life flange mounted tachogenerator.

This high quality d.c. tachogenerator is designed to offer long life for reduced maintenance. The unit is flange mounted and can be adapted to fit onto the B-shield of the Lenze GFQU motor. The output is 60V/1000 r/min as standard.


  • Very low ripple rate over the whole speed range,even at speeds near zero
  • Long life silver track commutator
  • Temperature compensation as standard
  • Maintenance-free
  • Sealed die-cast housing of light alloy
  • Magnetic system screened against external field
  • Plug and socket connection

KTD50-6 B3

Long-life foot mounted tachogeneratorfoot mounted Similar quality to the flange mounted version (B10).


  • Easy mounting
  • 60V/1000 r/min as standard
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low ripple rate even at speeds near zero
  • Temperature compensation as standard
  • Magnetic system screened against external field
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