Techdrives Linear Motion Products and Positioning Systems

As agents for Techdrives, a division of Lenze UK, we can offer technical advice and on-site consultations plus the ability to package complete systems using the wide range of complimentary products available from Servomech.

Founded in 1989, Servomech has become a leading force worldwide for industrial linear motion.The Servomech product range covers both actuators and screwjacks with forces from 300 N to 340 kN.

Robust linear actuators are available in acme thread and ballscrew designs for duties up to 100%.Motors can be AC, DC or Servo.

Screwjacks make up the heavier end of this range with housing designs either in monobloc aluminium or cast iron. Quality construction suits long life in industrial applications.

Actuators from Techdrives 


SERVOMECH linear actuators are electromechanical cylinders able to transform a rotary movement into a linear motion.
Developed and manufactured for industrial applications, Servomech linear actuators can offer higher linear speeds and loads at up to 100% duty cycle, even in the most extreme conditions and arduous applications.

Features Include:

  • Ability to work under push or pull load
  • Statically self-locking: able to sustain static load keeping the same position when the motor is switched off
  • Statically non self-locking: the load can be sustained with a brake motor
  • Capable of maintaining constant speed with a varying load, at a very low noise level

Their motion can be simply a push-pull "ON-OFF" action, also they can become servomechanisms working as controlled axes, by means of accessories such as encoders or potentiometers for the
positioning control, motors with tacho-generator and servo drives.
Their installation is simple and not expensive: it requires just a front and rear hinging as for standard hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

They can perfectly replace pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders being able to perform:

  • Accuracy in push-pull motion
  • Accuracy in stopping position
  • Position holding under load (self-locking)
  • Energy consumption only while moving
  • High safety in lifting a load (internal safety devices available)
  • Use in hard environment
  • Use in low temperature environment without freezing problems
  • Use in high temperature environment without fire risk

SERVOMECH linear actuators have a wide application field.
They are intended for industrial applications where it is necessary to perform in total safety or to control
a linear motion while moving, turning over or lifting a load.
The wide range of sizes, stroke lengths, linear speeds, motors and accessories makes it easy to adapt these products for new applications or replace even complicated mechanical solutions and hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, improving the applications final performances.

SERVOMECH Screwjacks

Servomech Screwjacks are avaialable in two models, Model A (Travelling Screw) and Model B (Travelling Nut). Performance is the same for both models and choice is based upon configuration of the application and the options required. Screwjacks can be operated in veryical or horizontal planes, or any angle in between. Input options are males shaft, motor flange or second shaft.

Features include:

  • Long life grease lubricant for worm gear
  • Compact monobloc housing
  • Cubic design for high load capacity
  • Acme screws, two or three start threads available
  • Wide range of input versions and accesories available
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