Spaggiari Geared Motors

The SW Range from Spaggiari offers a unique concept in worm gearbox design combining versatility with quality to produce a modular unit with accessories that can be built up from stock.

These aluminium Worm Gearboxes fit together with standard IEC frame motors and are designed to be fully interchangeable with most other brands.

We offer Varvel & Chiaravalli Worm Gearboxes also from stock !

SW Range

Simple and cost effective right angle geared motors that are ideal for intermittently running drives.

Mounting is highly adaptable with standard hollow shaft or options of feet, single or double male shafts, flanges and torque arm.

Motors are available with powers from 0.06kW - 15kW, 4 or 6 pole, whilst the Gearboxes are available in nine sizes with ratios of between 5:1 - 100:1, giving output speeds typically 13 - 200r/min

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