Mönninghoff Shaft Coupling Technology

The Mönninghoff machine factory has developed to become one of the leading companies specialising in high-precision clutches, sensitive overload systems and optimised shaft couplings and actuators which operate reliably in applications all over the world.

The product range includes;

  • Couplings
  • Tooth Clutches
  • Torque Limiter
  • Voicecoil Actuators
  • Accessories

Metal Disc Coupling

The Mönninghoff range of metal disc couplings have all-metal construction and create a shaft to shaft connection that is torsionally stiff and backlash free.  Disc packs are constructed in stainless steel and these couplings are maintenance free.

  • Type 328 Mini Servoflex - Miniature disc couplings with clamp hubs, supplied assembled,. Shafts 4 to 25mm, torques up to 25Nm.
  • Type 318 Servoflex - Available in single and double flexing designs and with vartiable spacer lengths.  Shafts 7 to 50mm, torques up to 500mm.
  • Type 314 Arcoflex - Adaptable general purpose metal disc couplings for shafts 25 to 120mm, torques up to 14000Nm.
  • Spacer couplings - Servoflex and Arcoflex couplings can be supplied in customised spacer models up to 5m long.
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