KEB AC Inverter Drives

KEB’s COMBIVERT Inverters provide a complete product offering for synchronous and asynchronous motors for demanding applications up to 900 kW.


Provides different levels of power ranges that can be precisely tailored for the application. Identical operation, handling and tools optimize the installation, start-up and service. The drive generation KEB COMBIVERT F5 offers the following features:
F5-Basic - Standard inverters for open-loop applications with rated power of 0.37  15 kW
F5-Compact - Universal line with extended software and I/O functionality up to 90 kW.
F5-Multi - Open-loop and closed-loop line of inverters for applications currently up to 900 kW.


The new entry-level inverter at KEB.
This new inverter is available in the power range up to 0.75 kW - 230 V class and shortly thereafter in the power range up to 1.5 kW - 460 V class.
The COMBIVERT B6 encompasses simple, efficient, capable and economical functionality. The B6 is the compact drive generation up to 4 kW.

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