KB DC Motor Controllers

For 40 years KB has dedicated itself to produce the best variable speed controls for AC and DC Drives. From the beginning, their philosophy of “You get more value with KB Drives” has never changed. KB’s goal was to give customers more benefits, better reliability, at lower prices. Although KB originally catered to OEM’s (and still maintain a strong position in that marketplace), the early 1980’s brought about the beginning of the distribution network. KB’s broad-based product line has gained worldwide acceptance. These off-the-shelf standard and custom AC and DC motor speed controls are marketed under our Penta-Power trade name.

KB Electronics


The KBIC controls PM, Shunt and AC/DC motors over a range of 1/100 3 HP with only a few models. All models can be used on a wide range of motor horsepower by inserting KB's exclusive Plug-In Horsepower Resistor. Speed range is 50:1 with load regulation of 1%.

Features include:

  • Auto Inhibit
  • Voltage Following
  • MOV transient protection
  •  5k ohm speed potentiometer
  • Trimpot adjustments for MIN, MAX, ACCEL, IR and CL.

Options include:

  • Auxiliary Heat Sink
  • AC Line and Armature Fuse Kit
  • Barrier Terminal Options
  • SI-5 Signal Isolator.


The KBMM full-wave DC motor control is the ultimate in reliability and performance. Contains Direct-Fed current limit that helps protect the SCR power bridge against direct shorts and prevents demagnetization of PM motors. 25A SCR's and AC line and armature fusing further enhance reliability.

KB's exclusive Plug-in Horsepower Resistor eliminates the need for recalibration when used over a wide range of motor horsepower.

Standard features include:

  • Trimpots for MIN, MAX, IR, CL and Linear ACCEL and DECEL
  • Armature or tach feedback
  • Auto Inhibit
  • MOV transient protection
  • 5k ohm potentiometer
  • Noise Rejection Circuitry

Options include:

  • Auxiliary Heat Sink
  • Barrier Terminal Options
  • Finger Safe Cover
  • SI-6 Signal Isolator


The Model KBMD-240D, also called Multi-Drive, is a packaged SCR drive in a NEMA-1 enclosure. It utilizes the KBMM speed control for its electronics. The Multi-Drive is rugged and compact in size. It handles both 115 and 208/230 Volts AC line inputs by setting the built-in DualVoltage Switch. In addition, the single model can be used on a wide range of motor horsepower by inserting the appropriate Plug-In Horsepower Resistor.

The Auxiliary Heat Sink P/N 9861 (optional) increases the rating of the basic unit to 1 HP at 90 VDC and 2 HP at 180 VDC.

An optional Forward-Brake-Reverse Switch Kit (P/N 9860) is also available.


The KBCC chassis controls utilize the KBMM speed control to provide a low-cost, reliable SCR drive. They include all the features of the KBMM plus the Auxiliary Heat Sink and Barrier Terminal Block with AC line and armature fuses. The controls are ruggedly constructed and contain a 5k ohm speed potentiometer.


The KBPB is a compact version of the KBCC "R"-suffix control. The APRM is mounted directly to the rear of the KBMM speed control. A built-in Barrier Terminal Block and its small size make the control ideal for installation where space is at a premium.

The KBPB is equipped with a built-in dynamic brake resistor, Accel/Decel trimpots and provision for AC line and armature fusing. This control provides functions identical to that of the KBCC-R. A 5k ohm speed potentiometer is included.


The KBMG is an ultracompact, full-wave regenerative drive capable of operating DC PM or Shunt motors in a bidirectional mode. Its 4-quadrant operation provides forward and reverse torque in both speed directions.

With a jumper selection, the motor can be controlled to rapidly "regenerate-to-stop" or to "coast-to-stop." KB's exclusive Auto Inhibit circuit provides safe, smooth starting even during rapid cycling of the AC line. The Overspeed Protect Circuit prevents failure of the power bridge in extreme overhauling conditions.

Reliability of the KBMG is further enhanced with the use of a high speed current limit circuit and MOV transient protection.

LED's, which can be used for diagnostics, are provided for power on ("PWR ON") and motor overload ("OL"). Power connections to the KBMG are made via quick connect terminals and signal input connections are made via a removable barrier terminal block. The finger-safe cover provides protection against accidental contact with electrical components.

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