Elcis Tachogenerators, Encoders and Resolvers

Elcis have been manufacturing Encoders, both incremental and absolute, since 1974. During that time they have established themselves as a major supplier of position transducers, with a wide range of products, catering for all industries with the ability to fuflill all present and future requirements in the industrial automation field.

Incremental Shaft Encoders

These Units are available with various connections, voltages and pulses per revolution. The range includes the following models:

  • I01 Series "Miniature"
  • I02 Series "Normal"
  • I03 Series "Sturdy"
  • I04 Series "High resolution"
  • I05 Series "For motors"
  • I06 Series "With tacho generator and centrifugal relay"
  • I07 Series "With pinion for racks"
  • I08 Series "Special"
  • I09 Series "Low-Cost"
  • I10 Series "Double resolution"
  • I11 Series "Explosion-proof

Absolute Encoders

Absolute encoders have several concentric tracks suitably marked to be simultaneously scanned thus giving a parallel coded (Gray, pure binary, BCD, etc.) output signal for each angular position. It is then possible to have a complete knowledge of the shaft position at the first turn-on without any need of a digital counter nor of a return to zero. This because the output has the form of a codified word of n bits. This also warrants for immunity to electrical noises. Absolute encoders are therefore used in all applications in which data acquisition requires very long time and where the absolute  information certitude is mandatory. On the other side, an absolute encoder is more expensive than an incremental one because of its intrinsic complexity.

The following models are available:

  • A01 Single turn absolute parallel -SSI - analogic encoder
  • A02 Absolute + incremental encoder
  • A03 Coded incremental encoder
  • A04 Multiturn absolute parallel -SSI encoder
  • A06 Absolute "Explosion-proof" encoder
  • A07 Absolute encoder PROFIBUS
  • A08 Absolute encoder CANopen
  • A09 Absolute encoder DeviceNet
  • A10 Absolute encoder INTERBUS
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