Dynax Linear Motion Products and Positioning Systems

Dynax Electrically driven linear push/pull actuators universally applicable where linear force is required. Applications include pushing / pulling, opening / closing, tightening / loosening and raising and lowering applications available in a range of voltages with simple mounting optional accessories. Special features can include stainless steel shafts, potentiometers, extra switches and relays. In many applications a Dynax actuator can offer a more competitively priced solution than a pneumatic or hydraulic equivalent.

CS Range

This range of Actuators can be used forĀ the following applications:

  • Ring main switch actuation
  • Alternative to traditional hydraulic and pneumatic applications
  • Poultry and agri industry door openers
  • Ventilation HVAC systems
  • Waste Water management equipment
  • Open / close, intermediate position
  • Raise / lower
  • Couple in / out
  • TurnĀ / adjust
  • Regulate applications such as window ventilation
  • Venetian blinds
  • Commercial door openers
  • Theatrical stage equipment
  • Nickel plating applications
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