Deserti Torque Limiters

Deserti Meccanica, established in 1974, the first Italian company to produce and market torque limiters . The products are the maximum expression of excellence, quality and reliability worldwide.
Deserti Meccanica offers a wide range of mechanical and pneumatic torque limiters able to satisfy every single need. As a result of the changes in the current economic and production context are the investments that Deserti Meccanica has made in technological innovation. Today the company makes use of all the most modern technical and organizational systems capable of optimising the entire process, increasingly necessary by machine manufacturers to meet the safety requirements demanded by customers.

LS Range

The “LS…” series torque limiters are safety devices that intervene to protect mechanical transmissions and respective components that are subjected to repeated overloads generated by abnormal operating conditions, thus preventing faults and damage that take the machine out of service and are usually caused by unprotected parts. Operation relies on friction that keeps materials of different consistency under tension. The friction torque limiters allow immediate release from the
excess torque applied to the transmission; they do not need resetting and permit an immediate visual inspection of operating conditions.

LASS & LASS Synchro

LASS series torque limiters are safety devices protecting mechanical transmissions and relevant assemblies subjected to repeated overloading and, in any event, caused by incorrect operating conditions. Tripping of the limiters is total and definitive, causing transmission to stop mechanically and stopping the drive unit by means of an electrical device (micro switch). This device is equipped with a “Feeler” in contact with the surface of the limiter’s mobile half- coupling.

LASS SYNCRO LINE torque limiters differ from LASS LINE ones and competitors’ products thanks to a chromium plated band as a special and unique feature.

LASS Air Torque Limiters

These limiters are strictly derived from the “LASS” series of which they share exactly the same mechanical and performance specifications, whilst differing as regards the torque control and regulation system.

In fact, the torque can be adjusted pneumatically by altering the pressure of the compressed-air supply even during running. This system allows a very high operating speed to be achieved and proves the ideal solution as regards the problem of matching the theoretical torque for normal use of the machine with the torque necessary for the initial acceleration of the machine itself.

SGR Range Backlash Free

Torque limiters of the “backlash-free” series are safety devices which protect mechanical components that are subject to repeated and different kinds of overload but where it is recommended to maintain a fixed and determined point of transmission.


Axial Force Limiters

The “LINEAR” series force limiters are safety devices that intervene to protect the machine’s most critical components that are subject to frequent discontinuous motion and sudden changes in acceleration with variable stress values and alternating direction of motion.

Another feature of these limiters is the simple installation since they are applied directly to the rectilinear-motion transmission component, thus enabling direct, permanent control over the force to be applied to the moving member. There is axial transmission of the stress that is equal in both directions with movement completely free from clearance.

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