Delta Servo Motors and Drives

Delta servo system is an omni bearing integrated servo system, based on Delta’s strength in industrial electronic technology and developed for various application machine tools. All ASDA series servo drives are provided with a superior digital signal processor (DSP) which represents a high-speed performance of the control circuit loop.

Other features of Delta ASDA series, including gain tuning, smooth motor operation and software analysis / monitor function, also provide high-speed and high-precision motion control for a wide range of industrial automation applications.

ASDA-A+ Series

This new servo system combines new ASDA-A+ series servo drives and ECMA series servo motors offers high torque output for medium- and heavy-duty applications. The encoder resolution is enhanced to 20 bits (1280000 PPR), providing more accurate positioning control for the precision tooling machine industry. The power range of ASDA-A+ series is from 4.5kW up to 7.5kW, which can provide high torque output (19.1 N.M ~ 47.74 N.M) with increased performance and support large mechanical loads.

ASDA-AB Series

This Delta professional AC Servo System provides advanced functions and has enhanced performance. It supports low, medium and high inertia ECMA servo motor, features internal single-axis position control function and provdies various position modes, such as point-to-point position control, move to "homing" function and feed step control, etc. Major applications include machine tools and processing machines for various industries.

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