Delta AC Inverter Drives

Delta’s AC Motor Drives efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy.  Taking advantage of their strong position in power electronics technology, Delta’s VFD Series of AC motor Drives have developed rapidly. Each series of product is designed to meet various applications.  These AC Drives accurately control speed and torque providing numerous custom controls. Various configuration operating modes are achievable. Delta AC Motor Drive product lines provide a full range of motor control technologies and are widely used across automation industries.

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VFD-E Inverter Drive

Sensorless Vector AC Micro Drive. The VFD-E series represent Delta Electronics low horsepower constant torque drives that are IP20 rated. Modular in design with flexible extension cards and a built-in PLC function, offering the ability to write and to execute simple programs, this series meets a full range of application requirements.

  • Output frequency: 0.1~600Hz
  • Modular & compact design
  • Built-in PLC function
  • Built-in EMI filter (230V 1 phase / 460V 3 phase)
  • Optional Fieldbus Modules (DeviceNet, Profibus, LonWorks and CANopen)
  • RFI-switch for mains
  • Easy DC BUS sharing
  • Flexible extension
  • Complete Protection

VFD-B Inverter Drive


Sensorless Open and Closed Loop Vector AC Drive. The VFD-B series represents Delta's NEMA1 general purpose AC drive. The VFD-B series drive is constant torque rated featuring open and closed loop vector control, and offers an optional 2000hz highspeed output that can be factory programmed at the customer's request.

  • Output frequency 0.1 ~ 400 Hz
  • Adjustable V/f curve and vector control
  • Master/Auxiliary and 1st / 2nd frequency source selectable
  • 16-step speed control and 15-step preset speed process control
  • Built-in PID feedback control
  • Auto torque boost & slip compensation
  • Built-in MODBUS communication, baud rate up to 38400 bps
  • Support communication module (DN-02, LN-01, PD-01)
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