ComIntec Torque Limiters

ComIntec, established in 1989, launched its range of OMC products on the world market The OMC parent company was founded in 1967 as manufacturer of components for mechanic transmission, particularly torque limiters, pneumatic clutches, couplings, adjustable pulleys, motor-slide bases and components for the assembling of automatic machines (DIN705 Stop rings, Washers, Ring nuts). The company had achieved EN ISO 9001-2000 certification for all products manufactured assuring customers of high quality.

Here you will find a small sample of the products offered by ComIntec, additional information is available on request.



The DSS torque limiter is required for an optimal sensitivity in case of sudden torque variation.

  • Motion transmission through balls.
  • High sensitivity with immediate intervention in case of minimal torque variation.
  • Equidistant automatic re-engagement.
  • Possibility of assembly with helical springs.
  • Torque field 1-2050 Nm / Max. Hole D. 68 mm.


DSR torque limiter used for stable transmission even with high torques in presence of vibrations.

  • Motion transmission through rollers with automatic clutch.
  • High calibration torques with reduced dimensions.
  • Available with 360 re-engagement or with personalised angular timing (45, 60, 90).
  • Optimal disposition of the rollers (patented) to have the maximal stability.
  • Torque field 2-12000 Nm / Max. Hole D. 120 mm.

DSR/F/RF Torque Limiter

DSR/F/RF unit offers free rotation after the re-engagement till cancellation of the inertial forces.

  • Free rotation of the parts on both the directions after the disengagement.
  • Simple manual re-engagement at 360 without specific equipment.
  • Suitable on kinematic chains with high inertia or for high speeds.
  • Motion transmission through rollers.
  • Torque field 25 -1460 Nm / Max. Hole D. 68 mm.
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