Chiaravalli Gearboxes

The Chiaravalli range of Worm Gearboxes have been designed to easily interchange with other commonly used brands. All units are manufactured to a high standard and can easily be fitted with IEC Motors, also from stock.

Various mounting configuration and options are possible allowing us to tailor each unit specifically to your requirements.

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CHM Worm Gearboxes

The CHM Worm Gearboxes are square and are considerably versatile for mounting. The machining of the components, carried out using numeric control machines, guarantees maximum precision for the restricted tolerances, producing a product that will remain reliable over time.

These units have the following features,

  • Aluminium casings from sizes 025 to 090
  • Sizes 110 and 130 are made from cast iron
  • All are painted with RAL 9022 aluminium colour to protect the parts from aging and to give better protection against microblowholes that may be present in the aluminium
  • The Gearboxes are supplied with at least one filling plug that is also used during testing to check for possible leaks
  • A connection flange allows two Gearboxes to be combined in order to obtain high gear ratios
  • Four sizes of CHTPC pre-stage gears are available to pair with these Gearboxes. These are also constructed in aluminium and are painted like the Worm Units

CHB Worm Gearboxes

The new CHB Worm Gearboxes have been produced to satisfy markets which require products in similar standard dimensions and construction to guarantee availability. Chiaravalli designed this new product by improving and introducing better technical modifications to offer easier assembly configurations offering a better service and delivery time.

These units have the following features,

  • Motor mounting flange that is separate from the housing which incorporates the oil seal, this way any risk of damaging the oil seal is avoided during replacement of the input flange and the O-Ring can be eliminated
  • All the side covers have O-Rings instead of traditional flat gaskets
  • The sizes 03-04-05 allow the rotation of the feet without disassembling them
  • The versions with standard side covers allow the lateral flanges to be fitted on both sides with simple fixing screws
  • The worm screw has a ZI involute profile: with this worm-wheel coupling giving better performance with a temperature reduction
  • The units are painted with RAL 9022 aluminium colour epoxy powder to protect the parts from oxidation and against micro blowholes that can come during the pressure of die-castings
  • The CHTPC pre-stage Gearboxes can also be mounted with this range, obtaining a gear ratio up to 1:300
  • For bigger reductions is possible to have two Gearboxes together using an appropriate kit
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