Baldor Linear Motion Products and Positioning Systems

Baldor provides industry with the widest range of linear motors, linear stages and controls. Being a leader in linear motor design and manufacturing, Baldor continually develops advanced products and innovations to meet a variety of linear motion applications.

Linear motors provide unique speed and positioning performance advantages. Linear motors provide direct-coupled motion and eliminate mechanical transmission devices.

They offer substantial improvements over applications using ball screws, timing belts, etc. The rugged mechanical design provides accurate motion and precision positioning for hundreds of millions of cycles. Baldor linear motors and stages are used in thousands of successful applications worldwide.

LMCF Series

The Cog-free brushless linear motor is designed for unlimited stroke (travel) servo applications that require smooth operation without cogging. These motors are supplied in kit form to be integrated into a customer's machine. They are used in closed-loop servo systems and provide optimum performance.

The linear brushless AC Cog-free servo motor consists of a stationary magnet track and a moving coil assembly. The U-shaped, multi-pole magnet track is comprised of alternating polarity rare-earth magnets bonded to a hardchrome plated, cold-rolled steel plate. Modular track assemblies stack end to end to provide the length of stroke required. The coil assembly must be centered within the U-shaped magnet track and guided by customer supplied bearings. Individual coil assemblies can be mounted in series (as a single unit) to increase force. Multiple coil assemblies having independent operation and overlapping trajectories can also be mounted on a single
magnet track.

  • Peak forces to 2300 N [517 Lbs]
  • High acceleration to 98m/s2 [10g's]
  • High speeds to 5m/s [200 in/sec] with encoder resolution > 1micron
  • Speeds to 2.5 m/s [100 in/sec] with encoder resolutions <= 1 micron
  • High accuracy 2.5m/300m [0.0001 in/ft] (encoder dependent)
  • High repeatability 1m [0.00004 in] (encoder dependent)
  • Unlimited stroke length
  • Independent multiple coil operation with overlapping trajectories
  • No metal-to-metal contact, virtually maintenance free
  • Modular magnet tracks for ready shipment
  • Use with: Trapezoidal or sinusoidal 3-phase brushless control (refer to Baldor AC drives Flex/Flex+ Series).

LMIC Series

Baldor introduces the newest Linear Iron Core Brushless Servo Motor designed with advanced technologies to minimize cogging, while improving dynamic speed and acceleration capability.

The new LMIC motor series has been uniquely designed, without magnet skewing or slotting, to minimize cogging force thus providing applications with the smoothest possible operation.

  • Material Handling
  • Automatic Inspection
  • Laser Cutters
  • Bonding/Drilling
  • High Speed Positioning
  • Positioning Tables


  • Advanced technology design reduces cogging - provides very smooth operation
  • Non-contact design - long life, maintenance free operation
  • Practically unlimited travel  optimize length for your application
  • High Performance  velocities to 8 m/s (320 in/sec) and accelerations to 98 m/s/s (10 g's)
  • High force/energy density - minimized package easily fits application space
  • Standard Profile: Peak forces 13,800N (3100 lbs)
    Continuous forces 5180N (1164 lbs)
  • Low Profile: Peak forces 1560N (352 lbs)
    Continuous forces 587N (132 lbs)
  • Lowest cost per force  economical application solutions
  • Use with trapezoidal or sinusoidal 3-phase brushless drive (refer to Baldor's AC drives  Flex/Flex+ Series)

HyCore Series

Baldor has redefined linear motors with a technological breakthrough. Baldor's new HyCore motor combines the best features and performance of traditional high speed, high force, closed loop brushless linear servo motors, with the cost advantages of open loop linear stepper motor technology. HyCore includes many benefits, which linear motors bring to an application: zero backlash; high efficiency; unlimited travel; fast velocities and high accelerations.


  • In place of ballscrews or belts and pulleys
  • Inspection
  • Imaging
  • Pick and place
  • Transfer
  • Load and unload


  • Velocities to 1.5 m/s (60 ips)
  • Accelerations to 3g
  • Peak forces to 800 N (180 lbs)
  • Continuous force to 465 N (105 lbs)
  • Low velocity ripple
  • Unlimited travels >100m (4000 inch)
  • Large air gap .25-.75mm (0.01 - 0.03 inch)
  • Rapid settling times
  • Compatible with existing Baldor servo drives
  • Highly efficient  provides higher forces with an overall smaller electrical load
  • Modular design  quick for you to assemble, saving time and money
  • Large air gap  for simplicity during assembly, making your job easier
  • Stationary "platen" without magnets  no attraction of loose metal particles
  • Quick move-and-settle time  improves machine accuracy, repeatability and throughput
  • Compact package  allows machine designers to work with smaller footprints
  • Accuracy and repeatability of close loop packages  to improve machines' quality and reliablity
  • Optional forced air cooling  increases force up to 20% additional capability

LMBR Series

The Brushed Linear Servo Motor is designed for long stroke servo applications. It is ideal for direct linear motion without mechanical linkages in closed-loop position packages.

The moving permanent magnet brush commutated DC linear motor consists of a stationary primary and a moving secondary. The stationary primary is a steel laminated core, with multiple coils inserted into insulated slots. The ends of each coil are connected to a commutator bar that is mounted on an aluminum angle.

The moving secondary features multiple permanent magnets and brushes for commutation. A cable supplies power to the moving secondary. Mounting holes are located on both the primary and secondary.

The magnetic-attractive force between the primary and secondary can be used as a magnetic preload for the bearing system. The customer-supplied bearing system must maintain an air gap of 0.064 cm [0.025 inch] between the primary and secondary. The brush linear motor is available in different cross sections to meet different force requirements.


  • High forces to 1070 N [171 Lbs.]
  • High acceleration to 49 m/s/s [5g's]
  • High speeds to 3.8 m/s [75 in/sec]
  • High accuracy 8.3 m/m [0.0001 in/ft] (encoder dependent)
  • High repeatability 1 m [0.00004 in] (encoder dependent)
  • Stroke lengths to 3.2m [11 ft.]
  • Multiple moving magnet assemblies with overlapping trajectories
  • Self-commutation enables the use of low-cost brush-type amplifiers.
  • Relatively low cost per pound of thrust compared to brushless linear motors
  • Use with PWM brush-type servo control (refer to Baldor's DC Controls  LD Series)

LMAC Series

The Linear Induction Motor (LIM) is designed for highforce, long-stroke applications, such as material handling and people movers.

A variable frequency inverter will provide velocity control of a linear induction motor. A Linear Induction Motor (LIM) equipped with a linear encoder can do point to point programmable positioning when driven with a vector control and motion controller. These motors are supplied in kit form with customer providing reaction plate (secondary) and bearing system to be integrated into the application.


  • High forces to 2,225 N [500 Lbs.] at 15% duty cycle
  • Acceleration to 9.8 m/s2 [1g]
  • Speeds to 6.85 m/s [270 in/sec] at 60 Hz
  • Higher speeds at higher frequencies
  • Non-contact, virtually maintenance free
  • Heavy payloads
  • Unlimited stroke length
  • Use with:Single or three-phase AC line voltage, 50 or 60 Hz.Single-phase requires use of external capacitor
  • Use inverter for velocity control, or vector control and motion controller for positioning (refer to Baldor's AC controls 15H Inverter, 18H Vector, and Mint positioning controllers)

LMDS Series

The open-loop linear stepper motor provides the most economical linear motor positioning package. The compact dual-axis stepper motor provides travel along two axes in a single plane.The dual axis package is comprised of two components: a moving forcer (with bearings) and a stationary platen. A position verification system is available to close the loop.

The dual-axis linear stepper motor is designed for two-axis open loop positioning. It is a two axis stage with integrated air bearings and positioning system.

The moving primary 2 or 4-phase dual-axis linear stepper motor consists of a moving forcer and a stationary platen. The forcer is made of four single-axis coil assemblies. Two of the forcer assemblies are mounted in series to provide a thrust in the X direction and the other two are mounted orthogonal (at 90 deg.) to the first two assemblies to provide thrust in the Y direction. The forcer assemblies are encapsulated in a hard anodized aluminum housing. The motor's surface is lapped to provide a flat surface for the air bearing. The floating height of the air bearing is less than 25 m [0.001 in]. The forcer is available in eight sizes, depending on the application's
force requirements.

The platen is a photo-chemically etched steel plate that is filled with epoxy and ground. Standard mounting holes are provided on forcer and platen. The platen is available in sizes up to 0.24m x 0.34m [36 in x 59 in]. Preload for the bearing system is provided by the magnetic-attractive force between the forcer and the platen. The customer must bring power to the forcer with a cable, and provide the bearing air supply.


  • Two-axis motion in a single plane
  • Acceleration to 19.6 m/s2 [2g]
  • High repeatability 5.08 m [0.0002 in]
  • Flatness = 12.7 m/300 m [0.0005 in/ft.]
  • Resolution = Full Step
  • Number of microsteps
  • 2-phase min. 5 m [0.0002 in]
  • 4-phase min. 2.5 m [0.0001 in]
  • Platens up to 914 mm x 1,498 mm [36 in x 59 in]
  • For open position loop systems
  • No tuning necessary
  • Multiple forcers with overlapping trajectories on a single platen
  • High stiffness air bearings
  • Mount face up or inverted
  • Required drive: Microstepping driver
  • Lowest cost dual-axis positioning stage
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