AC Inverter Drives

The latest range of Lenze Inverters have been precisely tailored to meet individual requirements. The choice is large ensuring the customer gets exactly what is required in the most economical package possible. From basic Variable Speed applications, through Positioning tasks, to Servo applications Lenze can provide the perfect drive solution. Also ask for details on the Lenze PLC Range, types 3200C, c300, and the full range of Automation Systems.

  • i500 –  New Range of Easy To Program Vector Drives
  • i700 –  Servo Inverters for Multi Axis Applications
  • i900 –  Flexible Multi Task Servo Drive Range
  • 8400-  TopLine, HighLine, StateLine –  a basic choice for your specific needs
  • smd –  Inverters – Replaced by i500 range
  • SMV –  Vector Inverters – Replaced by i500 Protec
  • 8200-  Vector – Replaced by i500 range

We can suggest an alternative to your existing Lenze 8200 Vector or 9300 Drive from the current range and help to have the new Drive programmed to suit your application.

i500 Inverters - Easy to Programme Vector Drive

i500 is the new frequency Inverter series in the 0.25 to 132 kW power range. Its distinguishing features: a streamlined design, scalable functionality and exceptional user-friendliness. The i500 frequency Inverters, containing the i510 and i550 Vector drives are ideal for applications in the pumps and fans, conveyors, formers, winders, traveling drives, tool and hoist drives.

i700 Servo Inverters - Multi Axis Applications & More

i700 & i750 series servo inverters for controlled, dynamic motion. Particularly suitable for: handling and packaging machines and robotic applications.

Connections: digital inputs/outputs  (2/0)
Resolver and encoder feedback

Communication: EtherCAT
Axis modules capable of multiple overloads for peak output currents between 5 and 64 A, double axes up to 32 A

The servo inverter for Controller-based Automation in conjunction with the various types of Controllers

CIA 402 operating modes (position, velocity, torque-control, velocity-mode)
STO safety-function

i900 - Flexible Multi Task Servo Drive Range

The new i950 servo inverter that we have added to our automation system fits smoothly into our automation platform with which it is completely compatible.

The same architecture, the same engineering and use of the same application software dissolve the boundaries between drive-based and controller-based automation. The "FAST" application software toolbox becomes usable for all products.

With FAST, we make a lot of things easier for the customer as the FAST applications of the i950 can be put to use immediately and can be adapted to the respective machine task by means of parameterisation alone. If necessary, however, they can be adapted and extended very easily according to specific customer requirements.

In addition, the i950 servo inverter enhances the performance of the i700 servo inverter in our controller-based system in the range of 22 to 110 kW.

8400 Inverter - Topline, Highline, Stateline & Baseline

TopLine frequency Inverters for controlled, dynamic motion.

Particularly suitable for handling and positioning systems as well as travelling drives and hoist drives. Also the ideal choice for synchronous drives, e.g. in continuous material processing applications.

HighLine frequency Inverters for easily controlled motion and positioning.

Particularly suitable for: rotary indexing tables or warehousing systems in the field of intralogistics,bag form fill and seal machines in the packaging industry

StateLine frequency Inverters for easy, controlled motion.

Particularly suitable for: transverse materials handling equipment, palletizers in the field of intralogistics, extruders in the plastics industry, and filling systems in the packaging industry


SMD Inverters - Replaced by the i510 range

SMD  Inverters suit simple speed control applications between 0,25 and 22 kW. With easy-to-use face-mounted operator buttons and a handful of parameters, commissioning the SMD is child's play. Parameter settings can be saved on the unique EPM (Electronic Programmable Module) and copied to other drives in the same range as many times as required. The SMD comes with integrated motor overload protection. A microprocessor calculates the motor power independently of the output speed, protects the motor and renders other hardware superfluous. The SMD also features current limiting with frequency reduction for stable operation, a clearly legible LED display and the option of low-noise operation thanks to a configurable switching frequency up to 10 kHz.

  • Less Commissioning Time - More Freedom
  • Less Variants - More Applications
  • Less Energy Consumption - More Sustainability
  • Less Unnecessary Features - More Savings

The smd range has been largely replaced by the i500/510/550 range

SMV - Replaced by the i550 Protec range

SMV Washdown Vector Inverter
The SMV is a modern sensorless vector drive with IP65 enclosure requiring no panel space, even in areas with moisture or washdown with low pressure jets, Parameter setting can be saved on the unique EPM (Electronic Programmable Module), and copied to other drives as often as required.

Power range 0.37 to 22kW, 1 phase 0.37-2.2kW, 3 phase 0.37-22kW

Mount anywhere on the machine saving panel space, cabling & installation time

Wide speed range with up to 200% torque, highly dynamic response

Easy to use, simple push button control, options for display & diagnostics

EPM plug-in memory chip & programmer to copy parameters

Optional modules for CANopen, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet & RS232/485Built in RFI filter and RoHS compliant

Optional lockable isolator and face mounted speed potentiometer. The SMV is also available in an IP31 version with the same range, features and performance.

8200 Vector - Replaced by the i550 range

This range of 8200 vector frequency Inverters have been in use for many years but are now beginning a phase-out as their performance and features are largely replaced by the i500 and 8400 Inverter series. The 8200 Series is not offered for new applications and is presently in phase out stage. Accessories includes the keypad, the plug-in communication modules for RS232/485, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CAN, the plug-in function modules for I/O and second fieldbus including AS-i.

8200 vector inverters are available in a range 0.25 to 2.2kW with 230V single phase supply, 0.55 to 90kW with 400V three phase supply.

The 8200 Motec series can be replaced by the i500 Protec and 8400 Protec washdown inverters

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