Microsoft discontinues realtime Windows & affected Lenze Products

Microsoft discontinues real-time Windows CE
Microsoft has announced its decision to discontinue the Windows CE operating system. As a result this operating system will not be used by Lenze on any of its products from 1 January 2026. Lenze has obviously prepared for this and with the c5x0 series, alternatives are available. The c4x0 series will also be launched at the end of this year.
As a consequence of Microsoft’s decision, we must advise you that Lenze will end deliveries of the family of controllers and HMI’s with Windows CE operating system, and all accessories, from 31 December 2025.
The following devices from the Lenze portfolio are affected:
• Controller 3200C (3221C, 3231C, 3251C)
• Controller & HMI p500 (7″, 10.4″, 15″ variants)
• Controller & HMI p300 (4.3″, 7″, 10.4″ variants)
• Controller c300

You may order the above products through us via a “Last Call Order” until 31 December 2023. We can ship the last quantities of the 3200C, p500, p300 and c300 product series to you no later than 31 December 2025.
We would recommend you place orders for any existing projects and spares cover in good time. This is particularly important with regards spares since, due to Microsoft’s licensing conditions, from 1 January 2026 onwards, Lenze are only allowed to deliver replacement devices after first recovering the defective devices. If you choose not to hold your own spares stock, this carries the risk that any response for replacement products may be delayed due to the service/exchange policy required by Microsoft.
With regards to Repairs, this is still possible until 31 December 2028 at the latest.

What Now? – Linux-based future-proof alternatives
All Lenze’s latest generation controllers have migrated to a future-proof Linux-based platform with CoDeSys remaining at the core of the software. The fully scalable and much more powerful new controller series is ready for the future.

Our new c5x0 series of modular controllers fit perfectly into the future needs for more Open-Source solutions such as CoDeSys, EtherCAT and OPC-UA – making it easier for the rollout of your digitalisation strategy. These controllers can also be equipped with a web visualization and provide a solution to replace the P300 and P500 devices. This means the visualization can be realised on Web-Panels, Tablets and Smartphones making it completely hardware-independent and based on future-proof web technologies. Lenze offers you the v4x0 series web panels as our hardware solution.

We appreciate that you may already be using C500 series controllers and web visualization. However, if you are currently, or have previously been, using any of the products scheduled for discontinuation and have any your any questions or need advice regarding how this will impact your machines, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The Lenze Sales and Application Teams are available to help, simply send your request to

We look forward to hearing from you.

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